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Thanks for joining! If you're starting a local group, you can maintain the list yourself or they can sign up here too if they'd like. The current plan is no bulk emails and no online petitions; we want to focus on local groups, research, meetings and elections.
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We're creating a structure where you can be effective with any amount of time you have, even if you have kids or two jobs or what have you. There's roughly three levels of participation, from easiest to most effort: just being a member, forming a local group, or meeting with neighborhood groups and taking their priorities to the representative.
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In addition to being involved locally, are you up for helping with the technology platform or research? (i.e. helping to fill out the grid of positions for each representative)
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The list is at It's OK if you don't agree with everything, of course! We're more interested in finding people who are generally concerned and want to learn more than people who are already 100% on board with everything.
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