CSCA Health Committee Survey
The CSCA Health Committee is launching this survey to make an evidence based decision on whether or not to recommend any additional health tests for our clumbers.

Responsible breeders already perform a variety of health tests before choosing the parents for a litter. Currently, the CSCA requires the following tests: CAER eye exams, hip and elbow x-rays, and PDP1, and it is strongly recommended to also complete the Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) testing as outlined by the CSHF.

Questions were brought to the committee about additional tests that should be included in our recommended tests. The recommended tests we have now are based on what we know at this time to be issues in the breed, but with this survey we are trying to learn if there are any additional uncommon issues that can be tested for that we should add to the breeders' guidelines of recommended testing.

This brief (5-10 minute) survey is anonymous, and is only for the purpose of guiding an informed decision on additional recommended health tests, and is not intended to be a general survey on the health of clumber spaniels. For example, the survey does not ask any questions about eye health, as an eye exam is already part of the required testing.

Not all questions need be answered, but the answers you do provide will help us very much. Thank you!
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