2019 People-Powered Challenge
Make MOVES with us! Participate in this year's People-Powered Challenge, October 26-November 4.

This will be our most ambitious year because (drum roll please!!!!) WE ARE RAISING 50K in 10 days. A little ambitious, I know, but with the help of People Movers we can most definitely do it!

People Movers are folks who commit to raising money and knowledge about the work of The Laundromat Project. Everything you do in this campaign will help the LP make art, build community, and create change––starting with this form.

As you can tell from the gif and the small hints I've been dropping, this year's theme will explore how we MOVE ourselves and our communities to create change.

If you have any questions, please email Amelia Brod, Development Manager, at amelia@laundromatproject.org.
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