19-20 4th Grade Student Survey
You are going to be asked to complete the following questions. Please read each question in its entirety and answer honestly. There are no right or wrong answers.
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I can wait patiently in line *
I sit still when I am suppose to *
I can wait my turn to talk in class *
I can easily calm down when I am excited *
I can calm down quickly when I get upset *
If I solve a problem wrong the first time I just keep trying until I get it right *
When I do poorly on test, I work harder the next time *
When I do poorly on a test, it bothers me. *
I always work hard on my assignments and tests when I am at school *
I like to be the first student done when taking a test. *
I like to get the highest grade on my math tests. *
I volunteer to demonstrate math problems to the class. *
I do my school work because I like to learn new things *
I do my school work to make my teacher and/or parent happy. *
I do my school work because I enjoy it. *
I can do even the hardest math problems if I try. *
I can easily learn the math that is taught in school *
I am bored in math class *
When I am bored in class I like to talk to my friends *
Other kids in school like me *
I like school *
I like to work by myself and solve problems *
I want the teacher to give me harder math problems *
I like to find interesting things on the computer like Khan Academy or Wikipedia or with Google Search *
I like to play any type of game on the computer *
I like to play math games on the computer *
I think math is fun *
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