VAGABONDS Fall 2021 call for pitches
Thank you for you interest in VAGABONDS.

Please make sure to read our call for pitches at and to familiarize yourself with our project before completing this form.

Due to the great interest in the series we can only respond to pitches that we hope to send on to the next stage of review by the end of 2021. We cannot offer feedback on pitches at this time. Please do not email us to check on the status of your pitch. Sorry: it's just a lot of email, and life is short!

If you have questions, please email max [at]
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I've read the CFP and instructions carefully and have familiarized myself with the VAGABONDS project. *
Tentative title of your pamphlet *
Elevator pitch (three sentences) *
How is your approach to this topic unique and how does it compare to at least three other similar recent titles? *
Who are you and why are you the right person to write this pamphlet? *
Also: If you wish to self-identify, VAGABONDS especially invites pitches from people who have been the targets of systemic oppression, including on the basis of race, gender, citizenship, ability and colonialism.
In as specific a way as possible, who are the most likely readers of this? If we published, how would you propose to reach them? *
Please, please don't just say "anyone who cares about the fate of the world" or "critical academics, artists and social activists everywhere." This question really matters for making the economic case to the publisher to invest in the book. They want to know if there is already a strong basis to build on for sales.
This space is left open for you to make the pitch more complete. You might want to offer a longer (but not too long) abstract, a tentative table of contents or more information about your approach. Please limit yourself to at most three efficient paragraphs.
Where can we read some of your writing? Please provide up to three links, with a short description of each. *
We have a preference for shorter pieces here.
When do you think you would be able to submit a first draft? Is there anything we should know or keep in mind about the timeliness of this project? *
Thank you for taking the time to pitch your project
To review the process, please visit

We will be in touch with the authors of projects we hope to take to the next level. Please do not email us to check on the status of your pitch.
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