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Apply now to be considered in our next hiring session. This form needs to be filled out for you to be considered as a Math Tutor. Hiring occurs three times per year at the end of each semester: the last week of March, the second week of July, and the first week of December. At this time we only hire on campus students.
General Information
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We require our tutors to be available to work a minimum of 10 hours a week. Do you agree to meet this requirement? *
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The first semester you work for us, you will be required to complete a 1 credit paid course that happens Thursdays from 11:30am-12:30pm. Are you willing to complete the requirements for this course? *
Please list any other external factors that may affect your time commitment to the BYU-Idaho Math Study Center (Another Job, Internship, Engagement, etc.) *
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Math classes you wish to be hired to tutor for
In order to be qualified to tutor a course you must:
- Have taken the class and received an A or an A- in the course OR
- Have had the class waived because of transfer credit, AP credit, etc. and have an A or A- understanding of the course material (self evaluate yourself for now, you'd be asked more during an interview)

Please Note: You must be able to tutor at least two Math courses to be considered for this job, one of which is not MAT100, MAT101, or FDMAT108.

Which of the following classes are you qualified to tutor? *
Past experience, references, etc.
Do you have any past teaching or work experience? Please list.
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Did you serve a mission? If so, where did you serve and when did you return?
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Please list any qualities/strengths you possess that you feel would help make you a good math tutor. *
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