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Thank you so much for dropping by! 

If you are an Indie Author who is interested in applying to be stocked in Mystique Bookstore this information is for you.

We are a specialty romance bookstore–with a passion for supporting indie/hybrid authors with online and in store storefront. We are based in the rural south of New Zealand, and are the very first romance bookstore in the entire South Island.

Mystique is owned and run by me, Elliott Rose. I am an indie author of spicy paranormal + dark romance. The bookstore was born from an absolute LOVE of romance books, and a passion for seeing other authors in this genre thrive.

If you're an indie romance author - writing Happily Ever Afters (or at least ‘Happily For Now’) and you are interested in having your books stocked in the store then please fill out this expression of interest form. 

*Thank you for being wonderful and patient. As you will know, us indie authors do the majority of things ourselves! I am also writing and self-publishing my own books, on top of running Mystique. I do my best to get through applications as quickly as possible, but there are some times when there might be longer wait-times as I make our way through all expressions of interest! 

*PLEASE NOTE: while I would love to be able to stock every book by every author who gets in touch and completes the form below, I also need to be sure that those books will sell for our community here in New Zealand. If you are unsuccessful in your application this time around, it doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities again in the future!

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I understand that Mystique is a specialist romance bookstore - stocking HEA (or HFN)

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Tell me a little about your books and the genre(s) you write in...
What is your most popular book? (Please provide a link to the book on Amazon or Goodreads)
Are your books available to be ordered through Ingram Spark?

This is by far the most accessible way to have your books ordered and stocked in Mystique Bookstore!

***For us to access your books easier/stock them faster please make sure the Australian distribution option has been ticked on your end.

***Please note, I can make purchases through you if you prefer not to be registered with Ingram Spark, but it is just a longer process and requires a few more steps.
Amazon Printing Option: I understand that this is a longer and more time-consuming process (Also that Amazon author copies generally come with a higher percentage of issues/damages.)

In order to have books printed/shipped through Amazon - these will need to be ordered directly through you.
You will also need to be okay with dealing with any damages/issues that arise.
Comment or Questions: Please contact me at with any pressing matters.
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