Camp Carefree K9 Nose Work Trial, March 13-15, 2020
We can't do it without you!!
K9 Nose Adventures, LLC will be hosting a National Association of Canine Scent Work K9 Nose Work® Trial on March 13-15, 2020 in Stokesdale, NC.
If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the following form.
We will do our best to place you in jobs that you have requested; however, it cannot be guaranteed.
You will receive more information approximately one week from the trial date(s).

We look forward to seeing you at the trial!

If you need to make changes to a previously submitted form please re-fill out the form again. We will use the most recent submitted form and delete the previous one.
For questions please contact Cheri Moore
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Volunteer Roles
• Element Lead: responsible for one entire search area and all volunteers in that area. • Timer: uses a stop watch to time the dogs during a search. • Judges Steward: greet and give competitors a brief reminder as they approach the search area. Assist the judge in the search area as directed. • Gate Steward: assist in managing the flow of dogs from the parking lot to the holding / search areas and back to parking • Videographer: video each competitors run for official records • Score Runner: brings score sheets from search area to the score room. This job requires a good amount of walking. • Parking Attendant: Helps competitors find their parking places before the trial starts. • Container Setter: resets containers after each run. Requires a good amount of bending. • Competitor Check-In: check in competitors as they arrive and provide any preliminary directions. • Hospitality Helper: Help set up/clean up hospitality area (food) as needed. • Score Room: assist with checking score sheets and/or entering results into a computer. Also assists with other score room activities as directed. This role must be approved. • Set Up: Assist in setting up first thing in the morning including setting up EZ ups, hanging signs, hanging sheets/tarps etc. • Clean Up: assists with cleaning up the trial site at the end of the day including taking down EZ ups, signs, taking trash to dumpster, sweeping search areas and wiping down surfaces, etc.
What volunteer positions have you done before at a NW Trial? Check all that apply.
What volunteer positions are you willing to do? Check all that apply.
Check any volunteer positions you do NOT want.
Please specify days and times you are able to volunteer.
These times are estimated. You will be given exact times approximately two weeks from the trial dates.
Friday, March 13th
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Saturday, March 14th
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Sunday, March 15th
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Do you have a vehicle we can borrow? *
Please note: vehicles used in a trial can not have odor in or on them within the 30 days prior to the trial date. Also there is a chance that the dogs may jump on or paw at the vehicles. Please do not offer your vehicle if this is a concern. Must arrive at 7:00am with your vehicle.
If "Yes" note make and model
If "Yes" note what day
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