The magnetic systems as a support for the exhibition of cultural properties, a study completed at the quai Branly museum, Paris.
My name is Marion Billot and I am currently in the last year of my Bachelor degree in conservation at the Haute-Ecole Arc in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). To complete my degree I am working on a research project within the quai Branly museum, Paris. It deals with the magnetic systems as support for the exhibition of cultural properties.

Magnets can offer many benefits compared to other systems but their use can impose some constraints too. The purpose of this work is to conduct a situational analysis of the use of magnets in museums and the variety of these uses. This will result in recommendations on the use of magnets on cultural properties.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer the following questions (approximately 15 minutes). This data collection is the most important part of my work, without which it will be meaningless.

Here is the link to the survey translated in french :

If necessary, please contact me personally to discuss this and to share information that could be of benefit to all. I would be very happy to meet you if possible.

I am also looking for pictures concerning the use of magnets as a means of attaching cultural property (ex: damages, mountings…etc.). You can send me your pictures at: These pictures will not be released without your permission and without copyright.

Thank you for your consideration.

Marion Billot

NB: some questions come from a Gwen Spicer and a Karen Horton’s survey.

Which city or country do you work in? Please specify. *
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Where do you work (ex: heritage institution...etc.)? Please specify the name of the company if possible. *
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What is your position ? *
Do you use magnets? If not, why?
If so, why have you decided to use them?
From which supplier do you buy your magnets?
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Do you know the exact characteristics of your magnets (material, adhesion force, quality…etc.)?
If so, what are they? (sizes in mm, adhesion force (N), composition of the magnet, composition of the coating, quality and supplier)
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How have you used magnets?
How long have you been using magnets?
How did you hear about the use of magnets applied to cultural property?
With what kind of materials (are the artifacts made of) do you use magnets?
What kind of magnetic fittings do you use for the exhibition of cultural properties?
In case magnets are used directly on cultural properties, how long are they used for?
In the case of magnets directly attaching the artefact to the back wall of the exhibition case, on what kind of support do you use them?
If you use magnets directly on the cultural properties, do you make visuals inspections and reposition the magnets?
Do you use a separating layer between the magnet and the artefact? If so, what kind of material do you use?
Have you secured the separating layer? If so, how?
Have you applied a coating on the magnets? If so, what kind of coating?
What methods has the use of magnets replaced?
How do you store your magnets?
Have you observed damages on artefacts because of magnets (ex: falls, crushing, scratches…etc.)? If so, please specify.
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Have you noted any disadvantages about the use of magnets? If so, which one?
Do you know others institutions or persons who use magnets? What are they?
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