Saint Paul Public Schools Urban Teacher Residency (SUTR) Inquiry Form - Cohort 6
Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) will use this inquiry form to seek additional information regarding program details, recruitment and sustainability of the Saint Paul Urban Teacher Residency (SUTR). We encourage interested applicants with a commitment to St. Paul Public Schools and a bachelor's degree to complete this form. Thank you!
What is SUTR?
SUTR is an innovative, graduate-level, 15 month teacher residency program developed in partnership between Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) and the University of St. Thomas (UST). Residents will earn a master's degree and a teaching license from UST upon successful completion. The residency program aims to recruit, prepare and retain highly qualified teachers who share similar life experiences as our diverse student population in SPPS. UST course work begins in June 2021 and your SPPS paid residency position is effective during the academic 2021-2022 school year. The academic school year is from August 30, 2021 to mid-June 2022.
What is a teacher residency program?
The SPPS teacher residency is a rigorous, full-time 15 month classroom apprenticeship alongside graduate coursework. Coursework will take place four days a week during the summer term and one day a week during the academic school year. During the academic school year, residents are co-teaching with a mentor teacher four days a week. Licensure and master’s coursework are completed during the following summer term.

- Coursework begins with UST in June 2021 and continues through the academic school year.
- SUTR co-teaching starts August 30, 2021 through mid-June 2022.
- Final UST coursework is from June 2022 through August 2022.
Who should apply for this residency program?
Individuals with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution (degree does not have to be in education), who have a commitment to the Saint Paul community, want to teach in SPPS, and have a desire to attain a teaching license in:
*Elementary Education with a Science, Technology, Engineering and
Math (STEM) focus - (There are five allied courses required for this license. After a transcript review, applicants will be informed of the allied courses they may still need to take.)
*Special Education; Academic and Behavioral Strategist (ABS) - The
ABS license prepares individuals to teach students with
mild/moderate needs across the areas of autism spectrum disorders
(ASD), developmental disabilities (DD), emotional behavioral
disorders (EBD) and learning disabilities (LD)
*Math (grades 5-12) - (There are allied courses required for this license. After a transcript review, applicants will be informed of the allied courses they may still need to take.)
*Middle School Science (grades 5-8) (There are allied courses required for this license. After a transcript review, applicants will be informed of the allied courses they may still need to take.)

Preference will be given to SPPS employees.
What are the benefits of SUTR?
-Cohort Model
-Residents receive compensation of $21,000 during the residency from SPPS
-SPPS will purchase your course books (approximately $1,000)
-SPPS offers single medical and dental benefits
-Residents pay tuition of $660 per credit to UST (credits range from 30-34 credits)
-Intentional support, coaching and evaluation aligned with SPPS Standard of Effective Teaching (SET)
-Intense mentoring while co-teaching in SPPS building
-Rigorous coursework grounded in SPPS's racial equity and gender inclusion policies
-UST scholarship of $3,000 per resident
-May be eligible for Federal Financial Aid from UST

-SPPS teachers with a BA+60/MA and no experience earn approximately $50,355 and up as of current contract (2017-2019)
-Career ladder/future leadership opportunities
-Federal student loan forgiveness programs available
-Priority hire upon successful completion
-Member of the Teacher Retirement Association (TRA) Pension
-Eligible for teacher's benefits upon hire
-Continued support from SUTR Specialist
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Saint Paul Public Schools and The University of Saint Thomas will be hosting SUTR information sessions. The dates, time and location is listed below. Please indicate if you would like to attend.
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Next Steps...(Applications are due March 5, 2021!)
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