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What was Goodwill Bot?

In days of yore, every Monday in the taproom was Goodwill Bot. What did this mean? $1 from every pint sold onsite went to a different not-for-profit or community-based group. The organizations involved would apply, and our Goodwill Ambassadors would book them based on their impact to their respective communities. The organizations were invited on site to promote the work they do, engage with customers, and encourage beer sales. This enabled us to have a small impact on many organizations.

Goodwill Bot was a success: over $75,000 had been raised by Good Robot for hundreds of local NPOs since 2016. With COVID-19, Goodwill Bot was extended to online sales, as well.

However, problems with Goodwill Bot began to surface. The program benefited many organizations but only in relatively small amounts. Programming weekly events was challenging for both the NPOs and the Goodwill Ambassadors. Most of our guests were not aware that Goodwill Bot was even occurring or who the partnering NPO was. We decided to make some changes.

What is it now?

Bigger. Better. Greater impact.

You read that right, my friends. We have rethought our Goodwill Initiative, and have come up with a plan that will enable us to have greater impacts on the selected organizations, while still curating quirky beer experiences for the consumers. Our robots have been hard at work to deliver an impactful and thoughtful program: Goodwill Partners

To start, we will be prioritizing groups that support/work with/employ BIPOC folks.
What are we offering?

Good Robot values community and quirky experiences. It makes sense that our giving back initiatives focus on the same.

The Goodwill Partners Plan:

- Craft a beer with our brew team. You and your selected organization members/staff come in and work with our brew team to create a beer as unique as your organization.
- We will brew it. Once complete, we will keg it and can it, and sell it. The can design is unique for this initiative, and differs from any of our other cans. Assuming we can resume sit-down service and not just retail/delivery we will also have a special “Goodwill Partners tap” that guests can choose.
- Beer will be sold on our online and onsite stores. We will also have a donation button on our point of sale systems and online.
- For that quarter, $1 per pint of this beer’s sales would go to your group. The more that sells, the more you get.
- At the end of your beer run, you get to host a special event with us (again, assuming we can meet in person). You would work with our Goodwill Ambassador, and Front of House management to plan this event. You and your team would come in and get presented with a big cheezy cheque. You could also do traditional fundraising- do a silent auction while you’re here. Have a 50/50. Sell tickets to get in. Whatever feels right.
- We will promote the beer, and your organization on our socials.
- Our Goodwill Ambassadors will spend 4 hours at your location volunteering wherever you need help.
- We cannot make promises since the decision is out of our hands, but there may also be an opportunity to sell the Goodwill Beer at our wholesalers including NSLC and Harvest Wines, which would dramatically impact the donation amount.
- We are working with our kitchen team to try to create a Goodwill Partners food menu item in which additional proceeds would go to your organization. Given the challenges of running a restaurant in the COVID era, this is subject to change.

What are we asking for in return?

- Your vision/mission statement.
- If possible, an idea of what the funds will be used for (such as, supporting snacks for your after-school program, purchasing needed equipment, sending staff on xyz training, painting/remodelling this particular space, etc.)
- Social media posts from you- we will give you a shout-out twice a month, as well as active promotion of the beer. We’d like the same from you. If you’ve got a newsletter, we’d love a mention in there. We will provide you with our logo information. If this is not completed, we will subtract a $50 marketing fee from our final contribution.
- Remember - the more reach we can attain together, the better the impact for you and for us.
- For you and your team (or selected team members) to come and work with our brew team. Together you will decide on type and flavour of beer, and work on brewing. Your team will get to learn a little about brewing beer, our team will learn about you and your group, and together you will make a delicious delicious beverage. You will also work with our marketing team to have input on can design. Your organization will be represented on the can by means of colour, logo, and you will have input on the background pattern.

Our Values

Good Robot planted its roots in the North End of Halifax - a community with a rich and diverse history. Also a community known for overcoming struggles, including environmental and systemic racism and more. A lot of our community members are still fighting against poverty, food scarcity, and racism. At Good Robot we pride ourselves on the sense of community that we foster.
Everyone is welcome and safe here. We want our community to feel the same. In light of the BLM movement, we are seeking BIPOC organizations, businesses, and individuals to support (ex: do you know any BIPOC entrepreneurs or a business that need a grant?). We want to contribute to positive growth and support in the North End. That starts by standing against racism, and supporting our BIPOC community members. Together we can curate quirky beer and community experiences that allow us all to thrive.

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