Mississippi Show Choir Registration Form 2021
This form serves as a one-stop registration for any contest hosted in the state of Mississippi! Instead of filling out multiple forms, simply fill out this form, and information will be distributed to contest directors. Last year, we had 102 responses to our form! We are excited to invite groups from across the US to Mississippi Competitions for the 3rd year using our simple online registration.


1. Please take time to plan your competition travel prior to the Registration form "going live". "Clicking" all events in order to preserve time slots and changing choices later is frivolous and causes issues for competition coordinators when making schedules and planning for competitions. IF YOU REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE COMPETITION ON THE SAME DAY, YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE NULL AND VOID.

2. If you must change your competition plans OR division-size after you submit your group registration form, you will need to fill out a CHANGE OF INFORMATION form. Please do not submit multiple Show Choir Registration Form entries with varying information.

****If you have groups that will be on different competition schedules (i.e. middle school group will attend a different competition than high school), you will need to fill out a registration form for each group.

All registration entries are to be submitted no later than NOVEMBER 20, 2020. Payment is due to the hosting school in full by December 15, 2020.

****The order of the schedule WILL NOT be determined by timestamp. A group's performance time will be determined based upon group size, any additional scheduling needs, and the capacity requirements for the performance venues at each school.
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