Yocto Project training
Duration: 4 days

Audience: This course is ideal for software engineers and system architects

Prerequisites: Either a good background in embedded devices or a reasonable proficiency in Linux command-line tools. Delegates with neither will find the learning curve rather steep.

Course materials:

All students will receive:
- A printed copy of the presentations and lab notes
- Worked solutions to the problems, plus electronic copies of the course materials
- A free copy of the trainer's book, "Mastering Embedded Linux Programming"


The Yocto Project
• Introduction to OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project
• Using Yocto Project to build images for the BeagleBone Black
• Booting the BeagleBone Black

Packages and Layers
• Making Yocto Project extensible through layers
• How to add a layer
• How to create your own meta layer

Bitbake and recipes
• Bitbake variables and tasks
• Looking at recipes: .bb and .bbappends
• Debugging: what to do when things go wrong

• How BitBake uses recipes
• Writing a simple package recipe
• Build-time and run-time dependencies

• Booting an embedded device
• U-Boot and the U-Boot environment
• Modifying U-Boot in Yocto Project

The Linux kernel
• The Linux kernel: configuring and building
• Device trees: how they work
• Kernel recipes

The init process
• SystemV and systemd
• systemd units
• Creating a systemd unit in Yocto Project

• Flash storage and flash filesystems
• Image recipes
• Using wic to create images

Software update
• Requirements of a software updater
• Review of software mechanisms
• Overview of Mender.io

meta mender
• The meta mernder layer
• Dual redundant filesystems
• Fallback and commit
• Making the rootfs stateless

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