2020 Pledge
Through faith we see abundant blessings and growth at SVPC. Together we are moving forward and growing in Faith. We are united in Christ’s Grace, deepening in service to each other, our church family and outreach to our community.

2019 has been a wonderful year together at Spring Valley Presbyterian Church! As we look ahead to 2020, we have so many reasons to give thanks to God for God’s faithfulness to us. This document describes the ministries of Session, and our financial needs for the coming year.

Moving forward in our financial giving helps everyone grow. Our giving supports our ministry to children, teens and adults. Our giving reaches out to our neighbors. Our giving supports our beautiful building and grounds. Our building provides a safe space for our worship and fellowship, as well as space for community groups that use our facilities, such as AA, and the Scouts. We are home to a wonderful Preschool that has ministered to so many hundreds of families through the years. We want all our members to make a commitment to support the ministry of the church. We want 100% participation.

As you consider how you can move forward in your giving, we are not just talking about finances. But also consider how you can move forward in all areas of your faith and involvement in the life of this church. How can you move forward in service? Prayer? Worship? Study? Challenge yourself to move forward and take responsibility for your place in the life of the church.

Pledge Sunday is November 17. We are asking you to submit your pledge on or before Sunday, November 17. Please prayerfully consider your giving of time, talent and treasure to the life of the church. Together let us all move forward in 2020.
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