2018 ORCA Election Nominations
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This is your chance to get involved and make a real difference at the State and National Level for Professional Counselors!
ORCA is seeking nominations for the elected positions of President Elect and Treasurer! Nominations will be due by Feb 28th 2018 and voting will occur during the month of March 2018, with the announcement of election results in April 2018. If you are interested and/or know a counselor who may be interested please considering making a nomination. Please see the description of positions below. Both positions are required to join ORCA and the ACA.
The President-Elect will be elected from the membership at-large and will automatically become President of one year after the commencement of the term of office as President-Elect or upon the death or resignation of the President. The Past President will serve for one year following his or her term as President. Primary duties include but are not limited to;

- Learn from the current president the role and duties of the president.
- Attendance at ORCA Board and Executive Committee Meetings.
- Attendance at National Conferences as needed.
- Supporting the mission of ORCA, which may include project leadership and policy development as delegated by the Governing Board or the President.
- Organize the yearly ORCA retreat!

The scope of this elected office includes the primary responsibility of overseeing the management and reporting of the Association’s finances. The Treasurer presides over the Finance Committee (which includes, at a minimum, the Executive Council) whose responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Bank account maintenance – Monitors checking, savings, and investment accounts. Oversees relationships with banks and financial institutions.
Financial transaction management – Establishes and uses recognized basic accounting and bookkeeping procedures to accurately track all income and expenses of the Association. Pays outstanding bills or debts owed on a timely basis. Develops systems for keeping cash flow manageable.
Budgets – Develops, in consultation with President-Elect, an annual budget and presents budget to Governing Board for approval. Compares actual income and expenses incurred against the budget.
Financial policies – Oversees the organization’s financial policies and makes recommendations to improve processes and policies.
Reports– Provides reports to the Governing Board in advance of each board meeting to include a profit/loss statement, account balances, and budget update. Reports may also include key financial events, trends, concerns, and assessment of fiscal health.
Taxes — In consultation with the President, prepares and files state and federal income tax reports.
Audit — coordinates an annual internal audit, and, every four years, an external fiscal audit.

The Treasurer also serves on the Executive Council. The term of office is for two years with election being held in alternating years from the Secretary. The Treasurer is a voting member of the Governing Board. This board position is designated as an “Officer,” and must maintain current membership in ORCA and ACA.

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