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Hello! Thank you for your interest in Nutrition/Fitness Coaching services with Rita Giegel Fitness, LLC. I'm accepting new clients who are tired of the fads and the on-again, off-again dieting and are ready to make lasting change in their health and fitness to get results once and for all. After taking this quick survey, I will follow up by email with some more information and a link to book your in-person, video or phone consultation. Can't wait to chat!
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Glad to hear it! Rita Giegel Fitness clients have earned some really awesome results like weight loss, lean muscle gain, improved coordination, strength and confidence!
The reason clients get such great results is because of the individualized coaching services. RGF clients get weekly coaching sessions, customized programming for fitness and nutrition, support, motivation and new programming when old programming is no longer appropriate for your goals.
When it comes to fitness and nutrition, many people have a pretty good idea of what they need to do. However, knowing what to do and actually putting it into action consistently are two different skill sets. Coaching helps clients develop the skills needed to reach their goals and feel good doing it.
Have you ever said something like this: "Once things aren't so busy and stressful, I will be able to focus on my fitness and nutrition again." Maybe you start a program with the best of intentions but can't seem to stick to it long term. You may have even tried different types of programs, but nothing seems to be working for you the way you had hoped.
RGF clients learn the skills they need to reach their goals and get success through challenging life situations.
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