College Writing Survey: Student Usage of ChatGPT
This survey is 10 questions. All answers are anonymous, so please answer honestly.
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What year are you? *
What school are you in? *
Do you use ChatGPT for education/learning based questions? *
If you use ChatGPT, how often would you say you use it on average? *
What kind of class do you find yourself using ChatGPT the most? *
Do you use ChatGPT even when a teacher doesn't allow it? (this can be anything from a teacher asking for it to not be used on a specific assignment or just having a line in their syllabus about ChatGPT use. Again, this survey is anonymous, so please answer honestly) *
Have you ever used ChatGPT to totally complete an assignment for you with you making either very minor or no changes at all to its answers? *
How satisfied are you with the answers ChatGPT gives you in response to education/learning based questions? (1 being completely unsatisfied and 5 being completely satisfied. Answer 6 if you do not use ChatGPT) *
How accurate do you find the answers that ChatGPT gives you are? (1 being always wrong and 5 being always correct. Answer 6 if you do not use ChatGPT) *
Anything else you'd like to share? (optional)
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