FLPolyCon 2019 Cosplay Contest Pre-Registration
This is a form to sign up to participate in the FLPolyCon 2019 Cosplay Contest. All competitors must abide by the rules of the convention and contest and fill out this form prior to their mandatory pre-judging.

FL PolyCon Prop and Cosplay Policies: https://flpolycon.org/information/policies/FLPolyCon_2019_-_Prop_and_Costume_Policy.pdf

FL PolyCon Contest Rules : http://flpolycon.org/information/FLPolyCon_2019_-_Cosplay_Contest_Rules.pdf

Solo or Group: *
Full Name(s): *
If competing in a group, please separate names by a comma.
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Phonetic Spelling :
If you would like to use your name instead of a stage name and your name tends to be mispronounced, please offer the phonetic spelling. Al names will be checked during pre-judging.
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Stage Name(s):
This will be what is called on stage, if you have a name you would like to be known as or a name for a group entry.
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Email: *
If competing in a group, only one member's email is required. This will be used to contact you on what time your appointment is for Pre-Judging.
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Character(s): *
If competing in a group, please separate names by a comma.
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Series: *
This will be used to help identify what series your character is from.
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I will be modeling a cosplay that was made by someone else. *
Any prizes won will be awarded to the creator, not the model.
Reference Image Link(s): *
Please include a link to one image of your character(s). More reference images are appreciated.
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Process Image Link(s) (Recommended):
Easiest way would be to use a shareable link through Google Drive or another sharing site.
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Skill Level: *
Please included any prizes you have previously won, at FL PolyCon or any other contest you have attended. Including Judge's Awards is optional (if you wish to compete in a higher tier). If participating in a group, please take the average of your group's prize count.
Is at least one person in your entrant a Florida Polytechnic student? *
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