Your preliminary ideas for the Declaration
This form is designed to accumulate various ideas at the preliminary stage of developing the contents of the declaration
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What sections do you think the Declaration should consist of?
What problems in educational policy and practice, manifesting themselves at the global level, in your opinion, should be listed in the Declaration as urgent ones that need to be overcome?
What national problems in educational policy and practice in your country are you concerned  about as the main ones?
What problems do you see in the position of education and educators in a society and what ideas on this subject should be included in the Declaration?
What, in your opinion, is required to be introduced into educational policy and education so that they respond to the challenges that are acutely manifested in societies at the global level?
What are the main ideas, messages on education that you want to bring to the Declaration?
If you take three different levels of education into consideration, do you have any ideas on
– primary level of education?
– secondary level of education?
– tertiary level of education?
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