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Interested in helping Penguicon but are so busy at the con that's hard to do? If so then why not micro-volunteer to do something you're already doing - sit in a panel of your choice!

We're asking attendees to sign-up and then to attend their chosen panel and at 15 minutes after the panel starts, take a quick head count. Report that Head Count to Program Ops and voila - you've just mirco-volunteered, just helped your Penguicon Community, and you've earned an exclusive, Make It Count! Penguicon Sticker.

You choose the panel you attend. You do a quick Head Count and report it back to Program Ops. You micro-volunteer and help out Penguicon. You Make It Count!

Supplies are limited. We ask that you volunteer to do a single, Head Count from the panel of your choice. Burlesque, Opening and Closing Ceremonies not included in this offer. Stickers may be picked up at Program Ops outside of the Algonquin Ballrooms. You can also sign up at the Program Ops Desk during the con.

Exclusive Make It Count! Sticker
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Thank you for your particpation in the Make It Count! program.
If you have any questions or want further information, visit Program Ops located in the Algonquin Ballroom Lobby during Penguicon or email Lithie at
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