Data Science Seminar: The emerging requirements of new application generation for Big Data Analytics
We are witnessing huge advancements in the scale of data we routinely generate and collect in pretty much everything we do, as well as our ability to exploit modern technologies to process, analyze and understand this data. The intersection of these trends is what is, nowadays, called Big Data Analytics. Currently, Big Data Analytics are widely utilized in almost every domain such as financial applications, marketing, recommender systems and user behavior analytics, just to name a few. However, the requirements of end-user applications are always posing new challenges. This seminar will highlight and discuss some of the requirements of the new generation of Big Data Analytics applications (e.g., IoT, smart cities) including process automation, models interpretability, and online data analytics
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Date: 20.03.2019 - 17:00-20:00
Location: AHHAA Science Centre

17:00 Welcoming coffee, Introduction by Sherif Sakr (moderator of the event)
17:10 Mohamed Maher - SmartML: Towards Optimized Automated Machine Learning Pipelines in the Big Data Era
17:40 Felix Mohr - ML-Plan: Automated machine learning via hierarchical planning
18:00 Martin Strohbach - IoTCrawler – Building a Search Engine for the Internet of Things
18:25 Demos, Coffee Break
18:40 Mihkel Solvak - Anonymized i-voting log data: how can it be used or abused to understand voter behavior?
19:00 Lauri Sokk - Smart City since 1632
19:20 Panel discussion
19:50 - Networking

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