Formerly, Favorite Student Show

This circus show is based on all the things you USED to love. Old favorite sweater, former favorite song, the teddy bear fallen from grace, the food that used to be your go-to comfort. Your act must include a person, thing, action etc which used to be your favorite, but is no longer.

ALL performers including youth must fill out a submission form AND send a video of act to be considered for inclusion. Any intermediate student with open gym privileges is invited to submit an act. Duo and group acts are encouraged, many minds make great circus! This showcase will be in our studio with very limited audience so plan for an intimate environment.

Video Submissions Should Include:
-The start of your act showcasing safe and well rehearsed choreography on your apparatus of choice
-Clear indication of how you are typing into the theme, Formerly, Favorite
-Anything else you want us to know can be said in the video, which is no longer then 3 minutes
-Video submissions should be sent on or before Nov 17th to
-Only one video and submission form for group acts

We will have open gyms available for both youth and adults to build and plan your act. You must be intermediate level, and have clearance for open gym from your instructor to attend. Not sure when these are scheduled? Check the calendar at the bottom of the BEVC website to see full schedule, or search the schedule in Mind Body. *Students are expected to continue with regular classes while working on the show.

November 6th- Open Gym for Intermediate Youth and Teen begin
November 17th- 3 Min Video Submission due along with this form
November 19th- You will find out if your act will be included
December 7th- Music Duo on or before, Sent as a file, not as a link.
Dress Rehearsal Youth- Thursday Dec 12th 6-7pm (arrive 5:30pm to warmup)
Dress Rehearsal Adult- Thursday Dec 12th 7-8pm (arrive 6:30pm to warm up)

Show Times/Dates:
Youth and Teens: Friday December 13th 7-8:30pm
Adults: Saturday December 14th 7-8:30pm

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