Covenant Membership Questionnaire
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire in pursuing a covenant relationship with Trinity Life Church. This covenant is about relationship - relationship with God and a relationship to the people that make up the Body that's called Trinity Life Church. Please take time to fill this out in its entirety. Once your responses have been received someone will contact you to schedule a follow-up.

Thank you for your current involvement in advancing the Gospel in our city and around the world!
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Help us get to know your spiritual history
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How would you describe your current relationship with God? *
If you've been baptized, briefly share your baptism story. *
Were you a part of other churches before finding Trinity Life Church?
If so, briefly describe your last church experience and what led you to leave
Are you a part of any other church or ministry other than Trinity Life Church?
If so, briefly describe what they are and your involvement
Help us learn how you found Trinity Life and what your current experience has been like
Briefly explain how you found Trinity Life Church: *
Briefly describe your current involvement at Trinity Life Church *
(r3 Group, Serve Team, Discipleship relationships, leadership involvement, etc...)
Why do you want to become a covenant member at Trinity Life Church? *
Have you completed RISE?
Which ministries would you be interested in getting involved with? *
If you could do ONE THING in the church based on your gifting and passions, what would it be? *
Thanks for filling out the Members Covenant Questionnaire!

Someone will schedule a time with you to go over your questionnaire and talk with you more about becoming a Covenant Member.
What time of the day is best for you to meet? *
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How can we be praying for you in this season of your life? *
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