Post Secondary Student Survey
Your career/technical institution is seeking accreditation by the Middle States Association.

This survey is to assist your career/technical institution in determining the degree to which its career/technical programs comply with the Middle States Association's Standards for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

In this survey, you will be asked to rate only those Standards about which it is reasonable that you would have enough knowledge to render a rating. Only those Standards are shown. Therefore, the numbering of the Standards in the survey are not in strict numerical order.

If you do not have enough information to rate a Standard, leave it blank.

Based on your own experience with this program, you are asked to rate the degree to which the career/technical program you are taking complies with each Standard using the following rate scale:

1. Not in Compliance. The evidence indicated that my program is not in compliance with the expectation of this standard.

2. Partial Compliance/Needs Improvement. The evidence indicated that my program is in compliance with the expectations of this Standard only partially and is in need of improvement.

3. In Compliance. The evidence indicates that my program is in compliance with this Standard.

4. The evidence indicated that my program exceeds the expectations of this Standard.

What is the name of the career/technical program in which you are currently enrolled?
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