Spring 2019 New England Wine and Grape Growers Survey
A note on privacy: This survey is anonymous.

The purpose of this survey is to gather information specific to Vermont grape growers and wine makers' knowledge and experience with natural wine making and grape growing. The data collected from this survey will be used for University of Vermont Honors College student Elizabeth Holiman's 2020 Undergraduate Honors Thesis, "Natural Wine Production: Evaluating the Potential Opportunities and Challenges Posed by Climate Change in the Northeastern United States and South Africa". This aim of this research is to investigate the current presence of natural wine making in these up-and-coming and rapidly evolving regions and to make predictions about the future influences of climate change on natural wine making.

This survey will only be open until March 31. It should take 10 minutes to complete.
Your participation in completing this survey is appreciated. All data will be kept confidential and will not be linked back to any individual operation. This survey complies with Institutional Review Board policies at the University of Vermont (UVM) under project CHRBSS: 18-0332.

Questions regarding this survey may be directed to:
Terence Bradshaw, tbradsha@uvm.edu, (802)656-0972.

Questions regarding Institutional Review Board policies and procedures may be directed to:
irb@uvm.edu, or (802)656-5040.

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