Lucas Co. STEAM Festival Presenter 2019
Please fill out the form to indicate your plans to participate in the Lucas County STEM Festival at the Chariton Community Center. Last year's festival brought in 754 attendees.

Thursday, March 26, 2020
Exhibitor set-up noon-4pm
Chariton Community Center Gym
502 North Main Street
Chariton, IA 50049

Booth hosts: Completing this form will reserve a booth for your organization. A standard booth is one 6ft table and two chairs.

A Map with your location in the Community Center will be sent out the week of the festival.

Send any questions to Ronda Morrett:
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Please provide a description of your proposed hands-on activity. What will presenters do? What will students do? (We need this information for safety)
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Our mission is to help youth connect learning with STEM jobs in Iowa. Please list 1-3 examples of job titles that use the STEM skills related to your activity. STEM JOBS: *
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Check if your exhibit will need access to the following: (a standard booth is one 6ft table and two chairs. We will work with you to accomodate your activity's needs - space for launching, racing, etc. If you need extra space, please describe it in "other")
Please provide a complete list of materials for safety reasons.
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Describe any potential safety hazards and how you will minimize those safety risks. (i.e. provide students with safety goggles) See: for more safety guidelines
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How many volunteers will be staffing your exhibit during the festival?
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We provide T-shirts for all exhibitors as a thank you. Please indicate the number of T-shirts needed in each size for your exhibit staff.
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