2020 Catacomb Volunteer Application: I want to help -
Everyone who would like to apply to be involved with the Catacombs needs to fill our their own form.
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If you are willing to help in any of these areas please check the box beside each area that you might be interested in. You can always return to this form at a later date to edit as needed. Thank you!
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I acknowledge that every 2020 role or position will be open to tryouts and changes. Not everyone will get a role/job. I agree to accept the role and/or volunteer position given to me. I agree to do the role/jobs as they were intended. I will show respect for the leaders and all the many volunteers around me. *
I agree to keep up with Catacomb Communications- emails, texts, signups, etc. This includes RESPONDING to communications. *
I understand photos and/or videos of me may be taken at this and related events and may be published on the internet or other platforms. *
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