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The Assassin's Legacy

Aeron’s Legacy is to protect the innocent. Luke’s Legacy is to lead his fellow assassins into a new generation. When a traitor tries to kill them both, they must gamble lives they’ve sworn to protect to ensure the survival of their hidden society.

Aeron Seward is a killer, loyal and ruthless she’s an elite member of the Legacy, a group of assassins called to protect innocent lives. But when Aeron learns her teammate, Luke Wayward, is placed on a secret hit list, she will stop at nothing to protect him, even if it means breaking the most important Legacy law: Loyalty.

Luke knows his life is in danger after his parents are murdered. He compromises everything he believes in— including shaking the very foundation the Legacy was built upon—to exact his vengeance, but did he hunt down the real killer, or is someone setting him up?

Only one of these assassins has the true murderer in their sights while the other gambles an innocent life. As the body count rises around them, Aeron and Luke must determine which lives are worth saving and which deaths they can justify in order to protect each other and stop the Legacy from being destroyed.

*Trigger Warning: This book contains violence towards minors and the death of children. It mentions, not in detail, sexual assault and abuse.
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What is an ARC?
An ARC is a pre-released copy of a book, given to a trusted reader prior to the book's release date, in exchange for an honest review post within a week of the official book release.

Why are ARC Team Members important?
Reviews help potential readers to decide whether or not they might find the book enjoyable. The more reviews a book has on its release date, the more likely it is to reach readers.

How does it work?
The process for readers who are interested in joining my ARC Team goes as such:
- Fill out the form
- Receive welcome email
- When an ARC becomes available, receive an email update that asks if you are able to read and review within the time allotted
- If you say yes: receive the ARC, read, and review
- If you say no/don't respond: wait for the next update/request

**The Agreements**

By completing this form, you are agreeing to the following:

1. Even though an ARC is a prereleased, unpublished novel, it is still the intellectual property of the author and therefore only the author has rights to publish it;
2. ARCs will not be shared with anyone else unless given explicit permission from the author;
3. Upon receiving an ARC, reviews will be posted by the designated deadline to the best of the reviewer's ability. If a deadline cannot be met, the author just asks that you communicate that (we all understand that life happens sometimes; I just appreciate communication);
4. No major spoilers will be shared in ARC reviews (pretty please).

WIN A SIGNED COPY!! All ARC readers will have the chance to win a Signed Copy of The Assassin's Legacy simply by finding typos and grammatical errors and submitting them by the deadline stated in the ARC email!

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