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Before you leave class today, answer the following questions.
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The Impressionist music movement is characterized by which of the following? Check all that apply. *
What was the name of the group of innovative young composers, artists, poets and critics that Ravel met with? *
Get a scrap piece of paper and pencil. Listen to the following piece of music, "Bolero". As you listen, tally how many times you hear the theme repeated. Write your answer below. *
This is one of Ravel's most famous works. With this piece he strays from the classical form of development of a theme and repeats it over and over again in different voices of the orchestra. You can hear the entire theme presented at the beginning with the flute. Can you imagine the work of the gentleman playing the drums?! Such concentration to keep that pattern going perfectly for 17 minutes!! Amazing! Make sure you turn it up good and loud...just like Mrs. Hunt would do in her classroom. :)
Ravel's Bolero - Conducted by Gustavo Dudamel from Venezuela
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