Join the Conversation - Renewing our school vision and values
Dear Families

Next year will mark ten years since we opened our doors and established the Isabella Plains Early Childhood School Community. The development of our school culture has been underpinned by the vision and values that were created by the community at the time of the schools establishment.

Our current mission is to provide high quality care and education for children from birth to year 2 and their families within a collaborative environment.

Our current values are:
- All children are unique
- Children are capable and competent
- Children are at the centre of all we do
- Children learn through doing
- Productive partnerships between home and school are essential
- Staff employ best practice in Early Years Learning
- Staff are members of a collaborative team providing care and education

The final action of the 2014-2017 Strategic Plan is to review the vision and values with a focus on contemporary educational practices and current research into the knowledge, skills and dispositions that children will require to be successful adults in the 21st century. Parents are an integral part of this discussion, and we invite you to participate in a variety of ways. Participation is this digital survey is just one of the ways that you can have your say.

Thank you

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What does success look like for your child? Think of someone who you see as successful in your life. What does that success look like? What attributes does that person have?
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What do you value most about IPECS? Things such as programs, approaches to teaching, learning environments, focus on developing whole child, community, play-based learning etc.
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What do we want our children to know and be able to do? Things such as specific skills, knowledge, social and emotional achievements, physical development, ability to work collaboratively, problem solve etc.
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What do you believe are the attributes of a successful learning culture? Things such as collaborative learning environment, resources (human and physical), parental engagement, community participation and engagement, celebration of learning, nurturing environment etc.
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I would like to be a member of the focus group who will work with the principal and other members of the school leadership team to draft the new school vision and values based on contemporary educational research and community feedback. *
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