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Apply to join VU Venture Partners Investor Syndicate to co-invest in VU's top 2-5 quarterly investments, sourced from 16,000+ companies per year across Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier Tech, Healthcare, & Property Tech.

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Principles of Membership
PLEASE NOTE: As a member of the VU Venture Partners Investor Syndicate, you agree to receive information on the investment opportunities we are investing in, which includes diligence information on companies seeking investment, subject to the following conditions precedent: 1) All information you receive from us is to be kept strictly confidential, 2) Members shall not share such confidential information with other individuals, funds, companies, or groups outside of our Investor Syndicate unless the Member has specific approval by VU Venture Partners to do so and such others specifically confirm their adherence to these Principles of Membership prior to receipt of materials, 3) Membership is only for individual angels and family offices with the intention of investing their personal assets, not investment managers seeking deal flow for their funds, 4) Members agree to invest solely through the VU Venture Partners Investor Syndicate in investment opportunities that have been shared through the VU Venture Partners Investor Syndicate, and shall not syndicate the same opportunity (or a derivative thereof) on any other platform or for any other group, or seek a direct or indirect allocation from the company or another fund, after being provided with information about such investment opportunities through VU, VU affiliates, or our Investor Syndicate, which would circumvent, compete, or otherwise affect VU's investment allocation. *
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