Crypto Syndicate Tracking

Crypto Syndicate only invests in blockchain projects that successfully pass a due diligence procedure carried out by an accredited crypto fund.

This strategy serves to ensure investor protection and is a necessary and obligatory condition for a project’s investment request to be evaluated. In case a project cannot pass a due diligence procedure organized by an accredited crypto fund, Crypto Syndicate offers a possibility to submit an online request for participation in the Crypto Syndicate tracking, which is carried out by an audit company accredited by our fund.

Crypto Syndicate Tracking is a professional international audit document provided to qualified crypto investment funds, which can be accepted by over 3456 crypto funds and qualified crypto investors.

Crypto Syndicate Tracking is a program based on the professional analysis of projects and the competences of project team members.

Crypto Syndicate Tracking will provide investors with a full-scale independent analysis of a project, verification of all claims of its founders, and a detailed description of competences, thus significantly increasing the trust and the resulting investments.

As soon as you fully complete your project’s profile, you will receive a Skype consultation with a Crypto Syndicate Synergy representative, who will evaluate the project, point out its flaws and suggest how to rectify them.

If your project is found to satisfy the minimum requirements of Crypto Syndicate Synergy, after the Skype consultation - and depending on the current stage of the project - it will be assessed by the Crypto Syndicate investment department and become eligible for investment.

Crypto Syndicate Synergy will adhere to a careful investment strategy, only participating in syndicated deals.
Pre-seed — investments of up to 200 000$
Syndicated deals only — investments from 2 000 000$

A project must have:
White Paper;
A team of at least two members;
Token bonuses of at least 35% for investors.

The Tracking procedure means a 14-day evaluation done by high level blockchain specialists with 10+ years of experience:
- CEO (CEO audit)
- CTO (CTO audit)
- CMO (CMO audit)
- Auditor (Soft Cap analysis)
- Tracker (team metrics)
- Crypto trader (token commercialization)

In just 14 days, your team will be able to focus its efforts and perform tasks that usually take 3 months to complete.

Standard terms of Crypto Syndicate Tracking:
Full payment option: a project can pay 20 000 USD for the tracking and investors ping without transferring any tokens to Crypto Syndicate Synergy;
No payment: a project can transfer an equivalent of 100 000 USD in its ERC20 tokens to Crypto Syndicate Synergy, (after a successful ICO, the project will have to buy a 100 000 USD-worth of tokens from the fund).

The Crypto Syndicate Synergy team includes founders of the cryptocracy theory and authoritative members of the libertarian paternalism movement.

The successful completion of the Crypto Syndicate Tracking procedure allows a project to sell a total of 2 000 000 USD worth of its tokens through the Crypto Syndicate fund.

The Crypto Syndicate Synergy team includes founders of the cryptocracy theory and authoritative members of the libertarian paternalism movement.
Once all the stages of the project investment potential evaluation have been completed, the body executing the tracking procedure generates a public document - an updated Tracking paper - and a confidential report destined only for qualified crypto funds. These tracking reports will allow investors to draw conclusions and assess all the advantages and flaws of the project - a crucial element for a well-informed investment decision.

Crypto Syndicate Synergy will not distribute its Due Diligence reports among crypto funds but rather offer such funds to acquaint themselves with the tracking results - this will serve as an important element in creating a syndicated deal.

Apart from the main Crypto Syndicate tracking procedure, a project can obtain:
A short expert conclusion on the project, while the project’s Tracking Paper application is being evaluated on the “first come, first served” basis;
Legal Support (Legal) - 10 000 USD
Search and addition of lacking competences (HR) - 10 000 USD per each added team member;
Assistance at Worldwide Crypto Events - 1000 USD per day;
Finding and hiring advisors - 10 000 USD per each advisor hired;
Assistance of Crypto Syndicate Synergy partners in developing a marketing strategy for an ICO (including marketing outsourcing tools) - rates to be negotiated;
Attracting investors - 8% of the funds raised with the assistance of Crypto Syndicate;
Getting the project’s token listed on leading digital exchanges - rates to be negotiated.

A preliminary Tracking Paper (a confirmation of the project’s claims and competences that can be verified at a personal meeting) is provided on the “first come, first served” basis after the project founders complete a questionnaire and hold a 1-hour meeting with a Crypto Syndicate Synergy representative.
If you require a Tracking Paper and recommendations from the fund managers urgently and you cannot wait, you can transfer 1000USD to the fund for the development of the tracking program; in this case, a meeting with our tracking specialists will be scheduled as soon as possible, and your Tracking Paper will be ready and published on our site within one week.

The information presented above does not create any contractual liabilities and can be incomplete. The information can be revised without prior notification.
The Crypto Syndicate LLC, its directors, employees, and partners do not guarantee and will not bear any liability related to the correctness, reliability, or completeness of any information contained in the document

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