I Want To Help My Neighbors
This is way to sign up to help our neighbors during this moment of need. We can all come together and provide the support that we are able. Let us know how you can help! If you don't see something here that you can do, but, still want to help, fill this out and we will find a way that works for you! We will be separating the list by community and able to work with lead organizers in each area to ensure that needs are met. **note, this avenue of help is open to everyone regardless of who you support and what your affiliation. It is times like these that we come together to support our neighbors.
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I am a teacher or tutor and am willing to provide remote tutoring to isolated students
I am willing to call or zoom with folks who need company or are worried about isolation.
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Please let Us know If you want to help find volunteers for your direct community only, we will set you up.
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