SPRING CSA - sign up for the waitlist
Our Winter CSA sold out fast! Sorry if you missed out.

The Spring CSA season starts on the 28th/July & runs for 12 weeks. There will be limited shares available. You can apply to get onto the waitlist for the Spring CSA thru this form. We ask you to place a $30 deposit for the Spring CSA in order to get your application for the waitlist approved. The deposit shows a level of commitment and willingness to partner with us going into the future. Your $30 deposit will go towards your payment for your Spring CSA share.

If your circumstances change before the Spring CSA starts & you would like to withdraw from the Spring CSA we will refund you your $30 deposit.

Fill out this sign up form in order to apply for for the SPRING CSA waitlist. Once your application is received we will send you an email detailing how to pay the $30 deposit.

Existing share holders who live locally will be given priority preference during the sign up process. We do this to support the underlying values of the local food movement.


Our produce is sold using a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme.

CSA creates a direct relationship between farmers and the community. The middle man is removed.

The community supports their local farmer by committing to purchasing a share of vegetables for a whole season. This allows the farmer to focus their energy on growing great produce instead of worrying about weekly sales.

By purchasing a share, you're forging a relationship with the Addington Farm and becoming a direct supporter of our mahi to bring more good into our neighborhood . In exchange for commiting to a seasonal share we are committed to providing you nourishing and delicious vegetables each week for 12 weeks.


📦 Love local vege share - optional extra fruit bag 🍎.
6-9 different seasonal vegetables per week, freshly harvested from our farm. Suitable for 1-3 people.


🥗 Premium salad share - 250g/week of edible flowers, microgreens, lettuce & mizuna
DATES & DURATION. The Spring CSA season starts on the 28th/July & runs for 12 weeks. A commitment to the full period is required in order for us to plan our crops accordingly.

BILLING. It helps us to receive just 1 payment in advance for the whole 12 week season. This allow's us to focus our energy on growing & harvesting instead of monitoring late payments. We will send out 1 invoice for the 3 month subscription. If it's not feasible for you to pay the bill in advance get in contact to arrange multiple payments.

WHAT IF I NEED TO WITHDRAW MID SEASON? If you need to withdraw during the season, you can do so by giving three weeks notice so that we have time to fill your spot. Either you can donate your share, or we can refund the remaining weeks that you have paid for.
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