Detectorist and Finders survey
The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) records archaeological finds made by the public in order to advance our knowledge of the past. There has been a steady rise in treasure and non-treasure finds since the scheme started in 1999 and PAS Cymru has over 63,000 artefacts recorded on its online database.

We, Ruth Garnault Consultancy, have been appointed to evaluate the current structure, provision and funding of PAS Cymru. We are asking for your views on PAS Cymru. This will help us develop options for the future of the service.

The aims of PAS Cymru include maximising public benefit from portable antiquities; promoting best practice with finders, landowners and museums; creating partnerships to increase our understanding of the past; supporting the Treasure Act; and increasing museum acquisitions.

In Wales, PAS Cymru is managed through the PAS Cymru Advisory Committee and funded by Amgueddfa Cymru, Cadw and the Culture and Sport Division (previously MALD) of Welsh Government.

Time is short to produce the report and we would be very grateful if you could complete this form by 6th July. A Welsh version is here: You can be anonymous if you wish. Data protection information is at the end of the form.
What is your involvement with PAS Cymru? *
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What do you think of PAS Cymru? *
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PAS Cymru is effective in supporting finders / detectorists in identifying and reporting their finds
PAS Cymru is effective in supporting museums
PAS Cymru helps people increase their understanding of the past
PAS Cymru reaches and works with people who do not otherwise visit museums or heritage sites
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