GOLD PACK Contract for players 2022
This is a contract for all players wishing to benefit from Badmintonphoto's extra services in 2022 as GOLD PACK. As the 2022 schedule is hopefully set to be back to normal, we are back to regular offer for yearly Gold packs, but you can still chose the "pay per tournament"' option (pack D)

35 tournaments - 165 days of coverage !
Some events may not be fully covered or cancelled (depending on the sanitary situation)

India Super 500 (January 11-16, Delhi)
India Syed Modi Super 300 (January 22-23)*
German Open Super 300 (March 12-13, Mulheim)*
All England - Super 1000 (March 16-20, Birmingham)
Swiss Open - Super 300  (March 26-27, Basel)*
Orleans Masters - Super 100 (March 28-Apr. 3, Orléans)*
Korea Open - Super 500 (April 5-10, Suncheon)
Korea Masters - Super 300 (April 16-17, Gwangju)
PanAm Championships (April 26-30, Salvador)**
Europeans Championships (April 25-30, Vantaa)**
Asian Individual Championships (April 28 - May 2, Manilla)**
Thomas Uber Cup (May 8-15, Bangkok)
Sea Games (May 12-23, Hanoi, Vietnam)**
Thailand Open - Super 500 (May 17-22, Bangkok)
Indonesia Masters - Super 750 (June 7-12, Jakarta)
Indonesia Open - Super 1000 (June 14-19, Jakarta)
French Open - International Challenge (June 23-26, Nantes)**
Malaysia Open - Super 750 (June 28-July 2, TBC)
Malaysia Masters - Super 500 (July 5-10, TBC)
Singapore Open - Super 500 (July, 12-17, Singapore)
Taipei Open - Super 300  (July 19-24, Taipei)*
Commonwealth Games (July 28 - Aug 8, Birmingham, UK ) **
BWF World Championships (August 21-28, Tokyo)
French International - Future Series (August 25-28, Talence)*
Japan Open - Super 750 August 30 - Sept 4, Osaka)
Asian Games (Septembre 10-25, Hangzhou, China) **
Canada Open - Super 100 (Septembre 27-Oct 2, Calgary)*
US Open - Super 300  (October 4-9, TBC)*
Denmark Open - Super 750 (October 18-23, Odense)
BWF World Junior Team Championships (October 17-22, Huelva, Spain)
BWF World Junior Championships (October 24-30, Huelva, Spain)
French Open - Super 750 (October 25-30, Paris)
Macau Open - Super 300 (November 5-6, Macau)*
Hylo Open - Super 100 (November 5-6, Saarebrucken, Germany)*
Hong Kong Open - Super 500 (November 8-13, Hong Kong)
Australian Open - Super 300  (November 15-20, Sydney)*
New Zealand Open - Super 300  (November 22nd 27, Auckland)*
Victor China Open Super 1000 (29 November - 4 dec. Changzhou)
China Open - Super 750 (December 6-11, Fuzhou)
BWF World Tour Finals (December 14-18 Guangzhou)

Events with Stars are NOT part of the Free Access Pack.
*Events covered for semi finals and finals day only (included in Yearly Gold pack)
** Events that are not part of the Yearly Pack - Specific packs will be offered if BP covers them

Gold Pack for individual player (or one player in a pair for one category) : 999 € for the year  (Tick PACK A & B)
Gold Pack for Pair : 1499 € for the year (Tick PACK C)
Gold Pack for one tournament only : 100 € for singles, 150 € for doubles (Tick PACK D and the tournament you wish to get covered in the appropriate section) except Commonweatlh Games (299€ per player, 499€ per pair)
Gold pack for one individual player in 2 different categories : 999 € + 799 € (20% discount on second pack)

If a player/pair is injured or wishes to stop the service, they will be invoiced at the rate of 100 €/tournament they have participated in (or 150 € for pairs)

- All Access to archives in Full HD (High Resolution images without watermark can be use on Social media)***
- Direct login to see your own images - NEW
- Live Notifications by email - NEW (Each time we upload new images, you immediately get an email notification)
- Extended use of images : all non commercial personal use (flyers, posters, website, social media, postcards)
- Media work : Media can use your images for free as long as they credit Badmintonphoto
- Private "Press Attachée" : You give us a list of media, and each time you play in semi final and final, we send them your photos for them to use for free (only for Yearly Gold pack)

***Badmintonphoto must be credit at all times in all posts under images
@Badmintonphoto_official for Instagram
@Badmintonphoto for Facebook

If you have any questions, send us an email :
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If you have clicked on GOLD pack per tournament (PACK D ONLY) let us know which tournaments you want covered . Price per tournament is 100 € for single, 150 € for a pair except for Multisport events (Coverage and price to be confirmed). PLEASE TICK THE BOX AT LEAST 24H BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT. By Chronological order
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As part of the yearly GOLD PACK contract, BP will send a high resolution image after the semi finals and finals to the medias of your choice. They will be able to use our images for free as long as they mention the copyright Badmintonphoto. Please write below the names/contacts of media you want BP to send images to.
Write below the publication names : Name/Publication/Email. Example : Rob Gilbert / EPSN / or send us an email with the list of publications/emails
Please click all the above boxes to follow the rules of the contract with Badmintonphoto *
By checking this box,  I agree to follow the conditions of the contract : I can use BP's images for my social network, for prints, for my official website, for media use, for posters and postcards and for my own promotion but I can not give it to any other third parties (No commercial use by brands and sponsors, no clubs, no use for any commercial products such as books, commercial items derived from photos, etc). I can use BP's images in high resolution on my social network pages  but will tag BP's account under the image : @badmintonphoto_official for instagram posts, @Badmintonphoto for Facebook and Twitter posts. I can not post a co-owned Instagram post with any other account, including a commercial brand. I agree to pay the sum of 999 euros (single or one player in the pair only) or 1499 euros (per pair, for one category only) for this service, for the year of 2022. If I decide to stop the service at any time during the year, for any reason, I will let BP know by email after the last tournament and then pay the sum of 100 € per tournament I played in before (150 € for a pair)  or 299€  for single and 499 € for a pair for Multi sport events
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