Covid 19 Operating Procedures
The water sports enjoyed at Brogborough lake are in essence compliant with social distancing, as they are inherently individual sports. The greatest risk of and covid19 transmission comes from any use of shared facilities or equipment and potential for overcrowding.
Fully paid up members can be permitted access providing they follow the rules set out below and understand the restrictions in place. We will be on site to ensure these are being followed. Any persons not following the current guidelines in place will be asked to leave site immediately.

General personal guidance

Anyone displaying symptoms of covid-19 will not be permitted and are required to follow government guidance on isolation.

Anyone who has been in contact with somebody with expected symptoms of covid 19 must follow government guidance and not attend the site for a minimum 14 days.

Practice 2 metre social distancing at all times with people outside your household.

Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing and avoid touching your nose and eyes.

Use a minimum 60% alcohol gel to clean your hands regularly throughout the day especially after touching frequently touched items. (eg. the gate, lock, container doors and handles)

Arriving on site

​Only water using members will be permitted access during this current stage of government restrictions.

All members must sign the online form linked at the bottom of this page before coming to the site

ALL members wishing to use the facility will communicate with the management at least 1hour before they plan on departing home to which we will reply Yes/No. We reserve the right to refuse entry if we deem it necessary.

On arrival the gate will be locked, if you have booked you will have code to let yourself in, you will lock the gate after you. You will be required to bring your 60% + alcohol gel to clean your hands before and after touching the gate and lock. And to be used throughout the day as hand washing facilities will not be available.
If possible arrive dressed for your activity.

Facilities on site

​The clubhouse and changing facilities will remain closed. No catering will be available.

The outside toilet will be unlocked and available to use, however it will be at your own assessment of risk, bleach spray and hand sanitizer will be in place AND YOU MUST clean it before and after you use it

Entering and exiting the water

Whilst launching one at a time people will wait for others to leave (sail or paddle away) the water directly in front of the launch area, before entering the water themselves.

When people are returning to the shore you will wait for a clear space and exit immediately.

Expected behaviour

​Whilst obeying social distancing rules, you are still not permitted to go into the water if you are the only person on site.
All present at the lake will follow government advice on social distancing remaining a minimum of 2 metres away from each other. We have lots of space. Use it.

We expect all members to only be on site whilst partaking in your activity, no picnics, no BBQ, no hanging around.

Safety Weather and water Conditions

All participants will be doing so TOTALLY at their own risk, no rescue service is available.

Practice the safest method of your sport, do NOT put yourself or others at risk by pushing your limits during this time, stay within your comfort zone and only go out in conditions WELL within your skill limits. For most of us, this will be the first time out this year. Don’t risk injuring yourself and getting the club shutdown. We advise against going out in offshore conditions as no rescue is available.

No paddle sports in wind speed averaging over 10knots (11mph)* unless a windshadow is present, decided at management's discretion.

No wind sports in wind speeds averaging over 25knots (28mph)*

*Forecasted on the day by XC weather.

Non participants

​Non windsurf/sup/wing participants will NOT be permitted access to the site, eg, no spectators, no photographers, no children, no partners, unnecessary extra people will increase the difficulty of social distancing. #

members using the site as a base for cycling will be allowed, providing the follow the rules on mixing with others outside

Family members

​Family members are still welcome on the water however, please only come with the number of family members you have equipment for, no waiting on shore for your turn.

Under 16s must have their own buoyancy aid and be accompanied by an adult on the water at all times.

Any additional parents of above, are welcome if here to assist their child whilst the accompanying adult rigs and de-rigs
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