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This form would allow us to match up applicants to event and teams to give us the highest chance of have a fun event and producing a quality game. It is useful for us to know a bit and about you, your experience and what kind of game you are interested it.
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Please could you list some of your favorite games and give us some details of kind of game you would most like to build.
Please tell us a bit about yourself. Your experience of with game development and what you would like to achieve from the Holiday.
How experienced game developer are you?
How experienced are you with unreal?
What parts of games development are you interested in?
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Want to Avoid
Game Concept
Level Design
3D modeling
User Interface
Game Artist / Designer
Sound Engineering
Concept and Story
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How interested are you in working on these types of games:
Very interest
Not interested
MOBA (Examples: Dota, League of Legends)
First Person Shooter
Real Time Strategy (Example: Star Control, )
Puzzle (Example: Tetris, Candy Crush)
Idle Games
Battle Royale (Examples: Fortnite, PUBG)
Single Player RPG (Example: Skyrim, Witcher)
Visual Novels
Stealth games
Survival Horror
Online Card Game (Example: Hearth Stone)
Crafting (Example: MineCraft)
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Roughly where are you located?
Which of these options would you be interested in? (including accommodation increases the cost)
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Not interested
London based holiday, where you sort out your own accommodation and just pay for the event.
London based holiday, where everyone stay in included accommodation.
UK based holiday, where everyone shares a large house.
Europe based holiday somewhere sunny, accommodation included.
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Is it okay for us to email you about news and special offers?
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