BASIC: Author Spotlight

Thank you for your interest in being featured on my blog. This is for Speculative Fiction, Fantasy Authors and those that fall within the sub-categories only.

The Basic Author Spotlight feature on my site is for one title only. Fill out the form provided for the book you are seeking to promote here on my site. If you are wanting to promote a series contact me first by You will have the choice between providing an excerpt only or a short blurb with a flash guest post.

~ Excerpt (must be 500 words or less): These must be PG rated. I will read your excerpt before booking your spotlight. If it has anything inappropriate for young audiences, I will ask you to resubmit the form.

~Flash Guest Post & Blurb: This choice is a mix of excerpt and guest post in one. You will be able to write a guest post feature introducing yourself, your book, or even let your character take over. Flash Guest Post has a max word count of 400 words. Then include a blurb from your book with no more than 300 words.

Send all your images you want included in your feature to within 48 hours of submitting this form. Posts are scheduled in advance and I can't guarantee they will be added at a later date before the post is published.

Please include these images:

~Author Pic
~Book Cover

If you’re interested in submitting a basic author spotlight, please use the form below. Author Spotlights are only available on Fridays, please provide your selected date to be featured. If the date has already been filled I will get in contact with you. Leave the date blank if you want me to just put you in the next available slot.

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