Housing Stability Program Needs Evaluation
One aspect of implementing Weld's Way Home: A Strategic Plan to Prevent and Address Homelessness in Weld County is to engage the community in meaningful work with the homeless population. As such, we feel it is important to know what daily needs you have as a shelter, places where you could use increased volunteer engagement, and other areas of your work that you feel have missing elements so that we can engage the community in ways that are meaningful to them, but also helpful to you as a service provider.
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Name and Agency
In which areas do you feel you could use more support with regard to community engagement?
What are some volunteer opportunities you need filled regularly?
Ex: Childcare for parents during meetings, case management, while at their jobs, etc.
What is something your agency would be pursuing but are unable to currently due to lack of staff capacity?
Ex: Realizing the need to facilitate a transportation system for shelter resident's meetings but lacking the staff capacity to initiate the system
What are the areas where you struggle to find volunteers?
What is your biggest challenge with regard to volunteers?
What are the donated materials that you never seem to have enough of?
What are the donated materials you often receive too much of?
What is your biggest challenge with regard to donated goods?
What does meaningful community engagement look like for you and your agency?
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