Quote for Vehicle / Equipment Transport
Use this form for non-crated and non-containerized vehicles, watercraft, aircraft and equipment. Note that palletized or crated, cycles, watercraft or equipment should obtain a quote using the freight (LTL, LCL) form found at www.transport-agent.com, The form for 20/40/40HC containers is also found on same page.
Year(s) *
Year or approximate year of manufacture. For multiple vehicles, list year for each vehicle. Note that some destinations will have restrictions on vehicles over a certain age, that may require special import permit.
Make(s) *
Model(s) *
Vehicle Model(s)
Value in USD *
Total value of all vehicles being shipped. This must be estimated for insurance and export regulation compliance.
Special Equipment information
If the equipment is not a standard auto or motorcycle, please specify the weight and dimensions of the equipment or enter a link to a spec sheet provided by the seller or manufacturer
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