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* Thursday, April 8 - 3-5pm

Thanks to all of our collective work in summer 2020, the ACC Mayor & Commission is interested in participatory budgeting! To be successful, participatory budgeting needs to come from the power of the people speaking our truths - not a passive acceptance of whatever process the government puts together. Join us at the assemblies to have your voice heard and let your ideas drive the next phase of this community effort.

Participatory budgeting (PB) is a democratic process where community members decide how to spend public money—built on the belief that the people closest to the problem are the closest to the solution.


People's assemblies (PA) gather people to organize and address essential social issues and questions important to their community. The assembly is a representation spirit of the people who have come together and blend their knowledge, experience, and passion.. PAs are a vehicle through which the marginalized and working-class can build dual power proportionate to the government. They offer safe spaces for the community to practice governance and coordinate strategies outside of state influence.
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Do you identify as a Black, Indigenous, or person of color?/Usted se identifica como Negro/a, indigena, o persona de color?
We want to center the voices of BIPOC individuals and are aiming to be intentional with our recruitment so there are incentives (gas money, gift cards,etc) available for anyone who wants to participate but does not have the privilege of free time and access resources. We want to honor that and make sure participation is accessible to the REAL experts in our community. All of you./Queremos centrar las voces de los individuos de BIPOC y estamos tratando de ser intencionales con nuestro reclutamiento, por lo que hay incentivos (dinero de gas, tarjetas de regalo, etc) disponibles para cualquiera que quiera participar pero no tiene el privilegio de tiempo libre y acceso a los recursos. Queremos honrarlo y asegurarnos de que la participación sea accesible a los expertos REALES de nuestra comunidad. Todos ustedes.
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What is one program/service/resource that is NOT currently available in Athens that you want to see in the next 5 years?
Do you work in any of the following sectors of our community?/¿Trabaja en alguno de los siguientes sectores de nuestra comunidad?
We want to center the needs and voices of working class people and are prioritizing recruitment of those working in abusive and/or exploitative work environments for working poor wages. There are financial incentives available for anyone who wants to participate but does not have the privilege of free time and access to resources. We want to make sure you can participate and shape the future of our community. /Queremos centrar las necesidades y las voces de la clase obrera y estamos priorizando la contratación de aquellos que trabajan en entornos de trabajo abusivos y/o explotadores para trabajar con salarios pobres. Hay incentivos financieros disponibles para cualquiera que quiera participar pero no tenga el privilegio de tiempo libre y acceso a los recursos. Queremos asegurarnos de que puedes participar y dar forma al futuro de nuestra comunidad.
What is your top priority social problem in Athens?
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Can you volunteer to make this event possible?
Any comments and thoughts for us? / ¿algún comentario o pensamientos para nosotros?
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