2018 VOLUNTEER APPLICATION: St. James Tennis & Sports Camps
*You need to use a google account to complete this form* The application deadline for VOLUNTEERS is: June 1 2018 (This is not really a deadline. If you submit an application after this date, you will need to email stjamescamps@gmail.com directly just to inform the coordinator that you've applied. We will check applications after June 1 for everything submitted before that date, so if you submit after that date, you just need to email us to let us know!
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First and last name
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Please list the email address you will use for communication during the hiring process, and for daily communication during the summer
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Phone number - home (if applicable - or second number)
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Please input your date of birth
How old will you be during the summer of 2018?
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GRADE/YEAR: What high school grade or university/college year are you currently in? *
Academic Awards/Honours
If applicable, please list any academic honours, awards, etc, you may have received.
Language: *
Please select all languages that you speak fluently enough to interact with children and parents. If you speak a language other than the three identified ones, please specify
Work & Volunteer Experience
Please list any relevant work or volunteer experience working with children, working in a team environment, or having to do with sports/athletics.
Please use bullet point form only. You may also submit a resume and/or cover letter, where you may go into more detail with respect to specific areas of experience. You may email to stjamescamps@gmail.com. This is not mandatory though.
Athletics & Activities
Please Identify your level of experience & proficiency for the following sports/activities. *
The scale goes from 0 to 5. 0 means no experience at all, and 5 means highly proficient with lots of experience playing/coaching at a high level. If you have experience in other sports not on this list, you can list this in the next question.
Arts & Crafts
Co-op Games
Other Sports/Activities
Please list and explain any other sports/activities for which you have significant experience.
AGE GROUP Preference *
Please select the age group or age groups with which you would feel comfortable volunteering. Leave any comments in the "other" option.
Certifications & Forms
Police Records Check for the Vulnerable Sector *
Camp employees and volunteers are required to provide a satisfactory police records check for the VULNERABLE sector. Do you have a valid records check dated within the last 12 months? You will need to provide a valid copy if hired. At least, you will need to provide the receipt for having requested the check. ***Records checks can take several months to be processed if you don't want to pay a lot of money. It is recommended that you initiate this process as soon as possible. If you like, please inquire about getting a letter from us which should allow you to get the records check for free (for the purpose of volunteering). Email us at stjamescamps@gmail.com to inquire about getting this letter.
Please list any relevant coaching or athletic certifications you hold. I.e club pro 1, instructor level certification, first aid, cpr, AED training, leadership certification/course completion, etc
Volunteering Week(s)
Please select the week or weeks when you want to volunteer. If you have specific AM or PM only availability for any week, please mention this in the "other" section at the bottom of the list.
Resume & Cover Letter
A resume and/or cover letter is not required, but you may send one to stjamescamps@gmail.com to support your application if you like.
Questions or Comments:
Please write any questions or comments you have about volunteering at St. James camps. Were you recommended by a counselor who already works with us? Is there a specific camp you are hoping to be placed in?
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