Paul J. Andrews Summer Executive Institute (July 14-16, 2020) REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
THEME - Leading into the Future: Strengthening a Culture of Caring and Community Building

The MASS Professional Development Committee has been finalizing the details of the 2020 Paul J. Andrews Executive Institute which will be held from July 14-16 at the Sea Crest Resort/Mashpee High School. This year’s theme, Leading into the Future: Strengthening a Culture of Caring and Community Building, looks at the bold and daring leadership necessary by leaders to create a caring and responsive culture throughout their district and the community. This year we are requesting workshop proposals which focus on the best evidence-based practices locally, regionally, and nationally that develop cultures and practices on topics which include promoting self-care for leaders, creating a caring community, shaping a community of learners, addressing leadership challenges for Superintendents, building capacities of school and district leaders, and creating a culture and climate that fosters safe and supportive schools. Some of the key questions that emerge from this theme include:

• How do we enhance our impact and lead in an era where our role has become more and more challenging and complex?
• How do we practice self-care, overcome anxieties and avoid burnout for ourselves and our building and district leaders?
• What are the best practices to create school and district communities that focus on a climate and culture of participation and shared ownership?
• How do we create an infrastructure in our school district that focuses on support and trust?
• How do we create a sustainable culture in our schools and in our district to support opportunities for all students?
• How do we address the challenges of social media to promote the success of our public schools?
• How do we lead and create innovative schools that provide opportunities for all students in an era of limited resources and changes in educational policy at the local, state, and national level?
• How do we lead and create an educational environment which supports the knowledge and skills our students will need for a rapidly changing world of work and civic life?

As part of the presentation, the Committee encourages presenters to show how success is measured through quantitative or qualitative means for your initiative or practice. In addition, please consider how your practice or initiative can be replicated for other schools or districts.

Through the selected sessions, we hope to celebrate the excellent work that is taking place in your school districts and in all public schools across the Commonwealth. We are looking for strong proposals that help address one or more of the questions above. We also encourage districts who have developed partnerships with other districts, collaboratives, consortiums, vocational schools, or regional schools to submit a proposal. We will only consider Request for Proposals that align with our theme.

Please consider submitting a proposal for this year’s Executive Institute. The deadline to submit proposals is Wednesday, January 15th. Please note that you will be contacted regarding the status of your proposal. Over the last few years, we have received many outstanding proposals and, unfortunately, it is logistically impossible to accommodate all proposals. We will also attempt to recommend any proposals not accepted to other MASS sponsored events.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!

THEME: Leading into the Future: Strengthening a Culture of Caring and Community Building
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