2019 Scholarship Application - GDF Coach Program
Please fill out this form with your first reactions, from your gut and heart (don't think too hard!), and submit this form with the button at the end. A set number of full and/or partial scholarships are awarded prior to the start of each class annually. Good luck! xx Andrea
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Why do you want to be in our Coach Training Program? What drives you to join us? *
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Why do you feel you deserve one of our scholarships? Be open and specific. We won't share your answers. :) *
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What is the one thing you want me to know about you to help you be the person I pick? Anything goes! *
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If you are selected for a partial scholarship, would you like the remaining fee divided up into two equal monthly payments? *
Would you be willing to volunteer some of your time (less than 1 hour per week approx over 12 months) in the next full calendar year to earn a full scholarship (1 is available every quarter)? Duties would be in supporting and organizing the giant EC Study we are rolling out to our community. No experience necessary. *
We are also offering a limited number of "pay what you can" scholarships to those who have a need. If you're interested in this, how much can you afford? (Remember this is an investment, so if you choose to name a price, please consider what this is worth to you in the long run vs. your current available funds.) *
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Good luck!
We will be in touch prior to the start of the program with our selections. Take care. xx Andrea
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