Waltham Partnership for Youth - Interpretation Services Request Form
Thank you for your commitment to making your meetings and events accessible to all community members, regardless of linguistic background!

There are two components of WPY's Interpretation Services program:

1. Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment: We have twenty headsets and receivers, and two microphones and transmitters available. This allows for interpretation in up to two languages for up to twenty participants.*

Each piece of equipment is labeled with an identification number. Please be sure to return equipment to correct boxes with all corresponding pieces. Items should be handled with care at all times to prevent damage.

*Please note: The equipment does not provide automatic interpretation. It is meant to be used with the services of a live human interpreter. You are required to coordinate your own interpreter. We encourage you to consider hiring our youth interpreters (see below).

2. Youth Interpreters: More than 20 Spanish/English bilingual high school students have completed 30 hours of training in community interpretation. They are available for hire! As this is a highly specialized skill, we recommend paying interpreters at least $15/hour. When possible, it is helpful to send along the information (such as talking points, slide decks, etc) in advance of your event so our interpreters know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. Payment can come in the form of cash or check. If you would like WPY to handle payment, we will do so and then invoice you. In this case, we will charge a $10 handling fee per interpreter, per event.

All requests will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

* Please note that we only have a small number of interpreters available for in-person events at this time. If your event is in-person, we will do our best to find an interpreter for you but we might not be able to fill the position.
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