AWCPA Student Application 2018-19
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If you have an older sibling who currently attends AWCPA, please identify them by name and grade level.
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AWCPA is the home of SHARP Spartans.
Our values - S-Safe; H-Honest; A-Accountable; R-Respectful; P-Persistent
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Student Commitments
I will be in class every day and on time.
I will display SHARP qualities and adhere to school and district expectations and policies.
I will make up any missed work due to absences as soon as possible.
I will be prepared for class each day, with a focus on learning.
I understand that if I am not receiving a C or above in all of my classes, I will make the commitment to seek and receive support from teachers or other staff members.
I will work towards the opportunity to attend college-level classes by my 12th grade year. This includes taking at least two years of a foreign language, be involved in at least one extracurricular activity, prepare for the SAT with teacher support, and stay organized with college deadlines.
I will have a plan for post-secondary success
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