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Welcome to the LRZTP 9 Registration! We are glad to have you here and we hope to see you in our school!

Please take your time to complete this registration form correctly and (when requested) in detail.
Missing questions or providing incomplete or too brief answers will only lengthen your registration process (as we will ask you to revisit questions).
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What is your full name? (as in the passport) *
What is your date of birth? *
I identify my gender as *
What is your marital status? *
Are you an ordained Sangha member? If so, please provide the year of ordination, vows and with whom you ordained.
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What is your native language? *
Please answer the following sections in detail
These sections allow us to learn more about you, your understanding of LRZTP 9 and your expectations.
Please describe briefly your motivation for joining the Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo Translator Program. *
Do you want to become an interpreter/translator? If so, describe the skills you believe relevant to the position. *
Do you wish to do the course for reasons other than becoming an interpreter? If so, what are they? *
What is your engagement with Tibetan Buddhism? Detail the years you have studied and practiced, programs you have completed, retreats successfully undertaken etc. *
Who is/are your main teacher/s?
Describe your education background: include dates of degrees/diplomas and the educational institutions attended. *
Describe your professional background *
Have you learnt a language other than your mother tongue? If so, please list when you began your education, where, for how long you studied and the level at which you can communicate now (give examples here eg. able to read a newspaper, buy groceries, attend classes in that language etc). *
What other skills do you have?
Did you study Tibetan Language in the past? If so, please list where and when you studied (name of the institution). *
Do you have an agreement with a specific FPMT Center to work as a trainee interpreter? If so, which one?
Will an FPMT Center sponsor your study in the LRZTP 9 program?
The LRZTP 9 program fee will be 10 500 USD. A non-refundable deposit of 500 USD is required. Will you be able to pay both amounts? *
How will you support yourself during the two year program in Dharamsala? *
Do you have any responsibility towards a third party (children or other dependants)? If so, how you do you plan to handle this responsibility and maintain a fulltime, intensive language program for two years? *
Have you been to India before? If so, please briefly share dates and experiences. *
Do you have a genuine appreciation of the challenges that come from living in India? Please give us examples of what these are. *
All students must have a student visa to attend LRZTP 9. Will there be a problem for you to successfully apply for one? *
How has your physical health been in the last five years? Do you take any medication to support yourself physically? *
How has your mental health been in the last five years? Have you experienced any periods of depression, anxiety, extreme stress, anger etc in the past? (Please note, your answer will be known only by the LRZTP Director.) *
Please provide an example of how you handled a high pressure situation well, especially when interacting with others. *
Please provide an example of how you did not handle a high pressure situation well, especially when interacting with others.
Are you on any medication for your mental health? (Please note, your answer will be known only by the LRZTP Director.) *
Do you accept that LRZTP is, above all, an FPMT Dharma project, and that students are required to: A) abide by the 5 lay precepts on the premises of the school (refrain from killing, stealing, lying and sexual misconduct)? *
B) refrain from taking intoxicants at LRZTP or arriving in class having already taken intoxicants (alcohol, cigarettes and drugs)? *
C) refrain from any behavior disrespectful and contrary to that of a Dharma practitioner? *
Will you be able to submit a recent digital (passport) photograph, as well as two references supporting your application. These references should be from a Dharma centre director, teacher or anyone else who can recommend you as an ideal candidate for a long term, intensive study at LRZTP. *
Is your level of English sufficient to be able to participate in the grammar classes in the first year of LRZTP 9? (Please note that LRZTP cannot be responsible if students are not able to follow classes in English.)
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How did you learn about LRZTP and the LRZTP 9 program?
Please confirm that all answers given here are correct and complete and that no essential and relevant information has been withheld in your application. *
Please write your name and date here to confirm that all of your information is correct and up-to-date. *
Thank you for completing the form. We will be in touch soon!
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