NHS Health Check Questionnaire
Bexley Post Code
1. Do you know what an NHS Health Check is?
2. Do you know you can prevent the onset of many cardio vascular conditions like Kidney disease, Heart disease, Diabetes and even Dementia?
3. Have you received an invite for an NHS Health Check yet?
3 a). If YES. Have you responded to the invite?
What did you think about your Health Check?
Your answer
Would you recommend the Health Check to others?
3 b) If NO - Why not?
4. Would you attend if this was available at weekends/evenings?
5. Would you prefer point of care finger prick testing at one appointment?
6. Would you attend if an alternative provider other than your GP was offering you an NHS Health Check? For example:
Not Sure
Confidential set up in a supermarket
Hub Clinic
Mobile Health Screening Bus
Other (please give details)
Your answer
7. Now you know this check can help identify lifestyle factors that may be increasing your risk of Cardio Vascular disease and look at ways in supporting you reducing the risk, would you be more likely to attend your NHS Health Check appointment?
8. Any further comments or recommendations
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9. What would your preferred method to receive an appointment / invite / appointment reminder
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