FAB 2017 - Exhibition Contract
Exhibition Contract to be completed by 14th May 2017


Fringe Arts Bath Ltd

And you the Artist

Festival dates: Saturday 27 May to Sunday 11 June 2017
Opening times: 10am-6pm daily

1. Health and safety
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd shall arrange adequate H&S, fire and electrical checks for venues
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd shall ensure adequate provision of such facilities as lighting, signage and fire extinguishers to comply with H&S rules
• The Artist shall abide by any H&S rules which will be made available at the venue, during installation of work and at any time whilst on the premises
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd and The Artist should work together to ensure the safety of themselves and others at all times during installation, display and dismantling of the exhibition

2. Display and installation
The Artist is responsible for the transportation of the work to and from the venue. The Artist shall provide for exhibition such work(s) as agreed with Fringe Arts Bath Ltd:

• The Artist is responsible for any special display requirements/equipment unless agreed by prior arrangement
• Where possible all work should be labelled on the back with the title and Artist’s name, and price where relevant
• The Artist is responsible for the hanging/installation of the work and should provide any tools or materials required
• The Artist agrees to deliver work to the venue during the week leading up to Friday 26th May unless otherwise agreed by prior arrangement
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd retain executive curatorial control and reserve the right to move artwork or withdraw from exhibition if deemed necessary

3. Dismantling the exhibition
• The Artist agrees to remove their work from the venue on Sunday 11th June between 3pm and 6pm
• The Artist agrees to repair any damage caused to the venue by exhibiting their work
• All packing to be taken away

4. The Venue
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd cannot be held responsible for any changes to venue arrangements made by the owners, agents or other outside parties
• In the event of the venue being unavailable, Fringe Arts Bath Ltd agree to try to arrange a suitable alternative; but are not obliged to provide one if this is not practicable
• The Artist agrees not to alter the fabric of the venue, remove any fixtures or fittings or otherwise make changes without prior consent

5. Invigilation, Security and Insurance
• The Artist agrees to the following invigilation arrangements:
For curated shows the Artist is to complete as required a minimum of 4 shifts of 4 hours each*
For group shows the group itself (and all Artists involved) must manage invigilation to cover all standard FaB exhibition opening hours*
*n.b. we are aware there are contributing artists living outside of the local Bath, Bristol and surrounding area who may be unable to invigilate throughout the exhibition, however there are shifts at the beginning or end of the show that may be more convenient. This will be taken into account
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd shall provide Public Liability Insurance cover
• The Artist is responsible for insurance for all work and equipment. There is no contents insurance for the venues
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd are not responsible for any damage to work occurring during transportation, installation or display

6. Finances and sale of work
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd agree to refund to the Artist their fee for exhibiting, in the event of the work not being included (for instance if the venue falls through and no alternative is found)
• No works are to be advertised for sale but if the Artist sells the work during FaB then he/she agrees not to allow the removal of work sold until the end of the exhibition
• Records of sales of work from the exhibition should be provided to Fringe Arts Bath Ltd
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd will charge no commission on sales

7. Copyright
• The Artist retains copyright of his/her work at all times
• The Artist assures Fringe Arts Bath Ltd that he/she is the original creator of the artwork and not involved in any disputes regarding copyright or ownership
• Fringe Arts Bath Ltd may use any images supplied by the artist for publicity purposes at any time as long as these are accredited as being the Artist’s work

8. Changes to terms or arrangements
• Both parties shall mutually agree any changes to the terms in this agreement prior to the exhibition
• Neither party shall be in breach of this agreement in the event of any changes occasioned by such events as fire, flood, civil or industrial disputes

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